Drag the gray slider over any of the below images to see some examples of our before-and-after work. Compare a regular, single-exposure photo to the fully lit, staged, and retouched photos. If you’re on a mobile device, just tap the images to see the difference.

My Identity


Before any brand design, we sketch by hand and digitally to achieve a look that will best suit your corporate identity

Images by Vesper Design

Build your World

3D design and Animation

Whether you are looking for industrial construction or product designs for your industry, the sky is the limit with what we can create. This image shows the mesh that we built and the outcome after rendering this vibrant ocean scene. In fact, we have rendered it as an animation CHECK IT OUT!

Images by Vesper Design



We have extensive experience in digital photographic editing. We can touch-up and manipulate any image you have. Whether it be for wedding photography, corporate products or just plain old' personal pictures you can rely on us to make those images come alive.

Images by Vesper Design